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We can survive without fresh water, but it is difficult
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Shediac Water Conditioning: Water Softeners in Haute-Aboujagane


A crucial resource in the Moncton area

Since 1978, Shediac Water Conditioning has been the leading distributor of water treatment systems in Haute-Aboujagane. We offer our residential and commercial clients a vast selection of water conditioners, softeners and demineralizers designed to optimize the quality of their water.


Distributor of Ecowater products

At Shediac Water Conditioning, we carry a multitude of Ecowater filtration productsRenowned for their exceptional purification performance, these products will allow you to discover the advantages of drinking demineralized water.

Meticulous analysis of your water

Shediac Water Conditioning détient les compétences requises pour vous offrir des services de consultation hors pair. Notre équipe effectuera des tests rigoureux sur votre terrain afin d’évaluer le niveau de qualité de votre eau. De plus, tous nos tests répondent aux normes environnementales les plus strictes.


Notre service de répondeur est disponible 24 heures sur 24 : Contact us sans plus tarder pour obtenir une estimation gratuite!


Service Areas

  • Bathurst
  • Miramich
  • Blackville
  • Belledune
  • Sunny Corner

Contact Information



537, Route 933,

Haute-Aboujagane, NB, E4P 5P5




Toll free :


Bathurst :


Péninsule :





Water softeners

What is hard water?

What is hard water?

Unmatched experience in water treatment

Unmatched experience in water treatment

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